Random key pressing continuously with a beep

I have an old laptop, with 2 OS one Ubuntu 20.04 and another Windows Vista (shipped with the laptop) installed. A few days ago, when I booted up the machine into Ubuntu, I noticed a continuous key press of "<<<<<<" and a beep with every key press suddenly appearing when the OS was loading.

I am not sure but there seems to be some delay to boot up since then.
Can anyone please help?

Super User Asked by SanketR on November 22, 2021

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From experience I had similar situation and that key was stuck basically, check your keyboard that has the < key of its stuck for some reasons try to remove it and cleaning below it (on ThinkPads are just pulling it slowly pls check your other vendors if its different brand to avoid breaking it)

Answered by Bashar Al-Abdulhadi on November 22, 2021

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