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Is Marine Plywood better than plastic for the environment?

I work for a brewery and we have recently started using 3mm thick 140x90mm Pump Clips on our taps instead of 2mm thick PVC Pump clips. These are the little...

Asked on 11/19/2021 by Tim Kerr

2 answer

Is it sustainable or necessary to use potable water to wash waste before recycling?

I live in a major metropolitan area in the United States, and we have a municipal recycling pick-up program. They advise us to wash food containers prior to putting...

Asked on 10/01/2021 by Caleb Bell

5 answer

What kind of nuts are eco-friendly?

I'm vegetarian but I need a high-protein diet. I was eating a lot of beans but they're not so great for my digestion. My belly really prefers nuts instead. I...

Asked on 10/01/2021 by user439

4 answer

Getting rid of immature windfallen apples

What are the (easiest) sustainable ways of getting rid of immature (windfallen) apples?Is it OK to put them into a compost?What part of compost can they make?Is it good to...

Asked on 10/01/2021 by pabouk

7 answer

Can chip tuning make a car more fuel-effective?

I'm considering to have my car engine chip tuned. I'd like to increase the fuel efficiency of the engine. Increasing the power of the engine would be only a secondary...

Asked on 10/01/2021 by Peter Ivan

4 answer

What countries favour people who want to live a sustainable lifestyle?

I want to pursue an independent lifestyle growing my own food, using solar panels etc. but I live in Spain and the legislation here doesn't favour this, buying terrain in...

Asked on 10/01/2021 by xkcbdz

3 answer

How can I make my family understand my CO2-emissions-related hesitation to fly in order to spend time with them?

I live in another country, approximately 2000 miles away from my family. Now, my parents have really hard time understanding the kind of personal sacrifices which are necessary to keep...

Asked on 10/01/2021 by KubaFYI

8 answer

Composting bones in a worm bin

I have a composting worm farm and would like a definitive answer, as what I've read so far is confusing. When adding scraps of dog bones from beef or...

Asked on 10/01/2021 by Jenny Pedersen

2 answer

Is there any useful recycling of fibreglass boats or other products made of it?

Lifetime is running out for a large number of fibreglass boats produced about 50 years ago. Many shipyards where they have been produced do no longer exist and last users...

Asked on 10/01/2021 by Salt

2 answer

Distinguishing between polyethylene and polypropylene plastic food packaging for recycling

I want to recycle as much food packaging plastic films as possible (I'm willing to clean and dry them). As far as I know, food packaging films are only made...

Asked on 10/01/2021

1 answer
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