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How to calculate the total locked XTZ?

Using the Stats - Key Numbers dashboard, how can I calculate the total locked XTZ in the system? And shouldn't this be a KPI measure by itself? Since delegators...

Asked on 12/05/2021 by InnovativeRP

0 answer

How to send XTZ from fundraiser wallet

I purchased XTZ during the fundraiser and I have them in a paper wallet. I would like to bake with them but I need instructions on how to send them...

Asked on 12/05/2021 by Nick Doulas

2 answer

Running Tezos node with rolling mode but sync started at the beginning

I'm running the node by described here: rolling mode but sync started at the beginning and already use 50GB. I...

Asked on 11/17/2021 by Bake Tz

2 answer

Question on receiving first staked reward

I am new at staking and I delegated several thousand XTZ with Kraken using the Ledger Nano X. It has been 43 days and nothing seems to have happened....

Asked on 11/15/2021 by Clann

1 answer

How to set `contract` as input argument

I have a method Token_metadata_registry which takes contract(address) as input parameter and I would like to call that method from ligo dry-run. How do I do that? ligo dry-run...

Asked on 11/10/2021

0 answer

Why can't I move my XTZ?

Firstly, the questions that have been asked similar to this one have zero answers. Today I tried to move my XTZ from the KT1 address in my Galleon wallet to...

Asked on 11/07/2021 by user5185

1 answer

What guarantees do we have when verifying the sender's identity (in SmartPy)?

When we check the address that called the current entry point e.g. in SmartPy:sp.verify( == sp.sender)What guarantees do we have? For example, is it possible for someone else to...

Asked on 11/04/2021

1 answer

Is there a formula to build parameter messages to be passed to smart contract entrypoints?

When calling a smart contract entrypoint, it is required to pass the needed entrypoint parameters. This is done through a message that must be sent in JSON/Pairs format. My doubt...

Asked on 08/20/2021

4 answer

Calling view of Fa1.2 contract

From my understanding, getBalance, getAllowance, getTotalSupply & getAdministrator entrypoint requires another contract to read the values. How will the entry point of the second contract look like for getBalance for...

Asked on 08/20/2021

1 answer

experience with AWS cloudHSM and remote-signer

I'm wondering how to generate keys on cloudHSM and setup the remote signer to use with the baker thanks in advance for your help !...

Asked on 08/20/2021 by Romain Braud

0 answer

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