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Is Eurowings's EC261 compensation refusal accurate?

Background: was due to fly PRN-DUS-MAN, but 3 days before departure, the PRN-DUS route was reduced for July, running on Wednesdays and Saturdays rather than daily. My immediate view is...

Asked on 11/25/2021

2 answer

Where can I travel for prolonged periods of time while legally working remotely for a company in my home country?

I found several questions about inbound travelers to the US in this scenario, but little about other countries: I work for a company in my home country (USA) who are...

Asked on 11/23/2021

10 answer

I’m an international student in Canada. I want to see my girlfriend in the US

I am a Pakistani PhD student in Canada who has approximately $40k a year in funding. I have been here for two years and have visited the states for an...

Asked on 11/21/2021

1 answer

Can one travel from America back into Europe at the moment?

I'm aware that the pandemic is worsening in the US and many countries are restricting American visitors. I am an American citizen living in the UK for 3 years but...

Asked on 11/21/2021

1 answer

Which name provided during booking a flight is the one that counts?

I wanted to check prices on a flight from Ryanair and because they wanted a name up front I entered "Test Me". After going through all the extra options that...

Asked on 11/13/2021

1 answer

What are the current travel restrictions on individuals entering the United States from regions affected by Covid-19?

This community wiki explains the current restrictions by the United States of America on the entry of individuals who may pose a risk of transmission of the SARS-Cov2, the virus...

Asked on 11/11/2021 by aidanh010

1 answer

Germany: What happens if you test Covid positive on arrival

Arriving from the US into Germany: To avoid mandatory quarantine, Germany require a PCR tests that less then 48 hours old. That seems impossible to get where I live (10-14...

Asked on 11/11/2021

1 answer

How can I make sure I never board an airplane made by a particular manufacturer?

After watching a video on how a major aircraft manufacturer builds their planes, I am considering avoiding flying on them. I usually fly between Austria and northern...

Asked on 11/11/2021 by user32525

3 answer

Does a UK citizen need a visa to travel to and from the EU after Brexit?

I'm a UK citizen and am about to move to the EU (Austria, specifically). Since the Brexit transition period lasts until the end of the 2020, I can travel without...

Asked on 11/08/2021

3 answer

Where is this tower, likely photographed in Belgium about 100 years ago?

This photograph is labelled as "restoration of a Belgian tower" and taken between 1920 and 1930, although both pieces of information might be wrong. However, it must have been taken...

Asked on 10/24/2021

1 answer

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