GUI for NFTables, like fwbuilder

We have several clients where we use linux based (iptable) firewalls.
To manage the rulesets we currently use fwbuilder to manage the firewalls and the relations between the different firewalls.

So far we have been happy with it.

But it does not support NFTables natively and also the active development of fwbuilder seems to have stopped arround 2011-2013.

What other options have we for a GUI centric solution to manage script for multiple firewalls? (Like fwbuilder or checkpoint has)

Unix & Linux Asked by André Schild on November 21, 2021

3 Answers

3 Answers

nftables-gui is a TUI/CLI based (wrapper) tool to configure nftables(nft) in Ubuntu-GNU/Linux, (Ubuntu is a derivative of Debian). Source-code can be compiled in GNU/Linux when it has ncurses, nftables, & Linux-kernel 3.13 or above.
nftables-gui uses ncurses based TUI (GUI-like) interface to be used from CLI shell/terminal window of a GUI-based or GUI-less GNU/Linux.
instruction is in Spanish language.
it was released 5yrs ago, for Linux kernel 3.13.

I just made a github fork here(english) & intend to improve it & provide English translation, Still working on it, and any help is appreciated.

Answered by atErik on November 21, 2021

The development of fwbuilder is active again since some months.

The current repository can be found on github and patches are accepted.

Answered by André Schild on November 21, 2021

you can also try a SAAS solution for managing iptables -> it can do AWS cloud integration if needed.

Answered by Paul Ma on November 21, 2021

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