OS doesn’t see newly installed SSD (SATA)

I had broken HDD in my laptop for quite a while. Recently I’ve installed Fedora 32 on my second drive, I didn’t checkmark that broken drive during installation and everything was fine. Today I’ve replaced it with new SSD but my installation can’t see it so I booted into live, got into gparted, created partition table(gpt) and one primary partition with /ext4 file system on it. It didn’t help tho. I’ve googled it for quite a bit and the only solution I saw was changing SATA mode into AHCI but I already do use this mode. I’ve noticed something strange in my dmesg that I can’t explain, it was there since installation and I thought it was related to broken HDD but apparently it’s the same case for that new drive.

[ 1.063487] ata5.00: FORCE: horkage modified (disable)
[ 1.063490] ata5.00: unsupported device, disabling
[ 1.063492] ata5.00: disabled

Unix & Linux Asked by k1npatsu on November 11, 2021

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