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What is the best way to set two rating value in a web based application?

I'm working on a web based application, so it will be used on desktop and mobile devices. The problem is, that I'm looking for the best way to make a...

Asked on 11/26/2021 by leone510es

3 answer

Simple ways to display search results with lots of text and enable easy parsing of information

I'm working on some test infrastructure stuff in my company and developing a web front-end meant for comparing the results of different UI tests (automatic ones running in the background...

Asked on 11/26/2021 by fesieg

1 answer

I am considering a Tree Nav layout on webpage for ticket approvals. What could be some alternatives?

I'm trying to make a layout design for a process.I have 3 types of users one is x , b and c. x does some work, then b approves...

Asked on 11/23/2021 by Sunita Shrestha

2 answer

UX/UI Solution for Having an edit on one component be reflected on all components? (Google Forms Study)

I'm currently building a form editor and I've been looking at different editors (Typeform, Google Forms) as inspiration and competitive analysis. There is a specific pain point I'm looking to...

Asked on 11/23/2021 by turtlefish12

2 answer

How do test/compare an existing function with prototypes

I want to compare an existing function in an existing solution (search filters not being seen and/or used on our corporate intranet) with one or two prototypes. What's the best...

Asked on 11/21/2021 by Ulf

3 answer

Does your large organization have a governance committee? What are they called?

I work at a very large organization (10k employees) that make widely distributed products. Several managers are starting a governance/oversight/steering committee to pull the org together and start a regular...

Asked on 11/18/2021 by narbuckle01

2 answer

Does Usability Tests and Product Experience Maps go Under Discovery or Define Stage?

I'm creating education materials for my company on UX to help better educate the team and secure more funding for UX at the company. But as I was reading how...

Asked on 11/16/2021

1 answer

Gesture driven interfaces and hint animations - good or bad?

Many times I saw statements that "Interface/design you need to explain is a bad design". I do agree with it (e.g. if you have nav bar then having labels under/next...

Asked on 11/11/2021 by JeanBaptiste

1 answer

How to indicate that an image is a link too?

I have a section in my website called "Techonology" that is not part of the main content where I put the logos of each technology used in the website (PHP,...

Asked on 11/09/2021 by Renato Dinhani

5 answer

How to name a product rewrite, without raising too high expectation?

We are rewriting a product named « Module A » with a new technology for thousands of B2B users. It will be iso-functional. This rewrite will open new posibilities on...

Asked on 11/09/2021 by Antoine F.

3 answer

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