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Can ffmpeg be used to automatically tighten video by removing duplicate frames and quiet audio simultaneously?

I am working with gameplay footage from simulation games. Because they are simulations, even when well-optimized there are often framerate drops when the simulation becomes too computationally intensive for...

Asked on 11/25/2021 by hownowbrowncouch

0 answer

VHS Wobble After Effects

Does anyone know how to achieve the specific wobble of the VHS tape that can be seen here: (it's throughout the video, but you can best see it if...

Asked on 11/16/2021 by kurajber

1 answer

Find duration only with ffprobe in Windows

I want to find video file duration only with ffprobe butffprobe FILENAME.EXT 2| find "Duration:" does not filter output to show just the line with "Duration:"...

Asked on 11/16/2021 by K7AAY

1 answer

Need help finding plugins/techniques to recreate my magic system in After Effects

This is my first time posting, but i'll try to stay concise For the last 5 days, I've tried recreating my magic system in After Effects in order to make...

Asked on 11/14/2021 by Kristhian Aguilar

2 answer

Correct gamma for SMPTE ST-2084 EOTF

I recently purchased an Apple Pro XDR display that has an HDR reference mode specified as follows:HDR Video (P3-ST 2084)Use this mode for 4K or ultra high-definitionvideo production...

Asked on 11/14/2021

1 answer

How to use FFmpeg Command for Reverse Video?

i am use to FFmpeg library in android for reverse video. I can dump images from video but how to reverse all images and make video. See this...

Asked on 11/11/2021 by Ravi Vaghela

1 answer

Adobe Premiere Pro Green Lines Problem

Can you please help me to fix this? How can I remove these green lines from my video preview in...

Asked on 10/28/2021 by Afel

1 answer

Has a realistic looking film ever been produced entirely virtually?

I know many examples of videos where an object or a person has been added after the recording (e.g. political propaganda or CGI characters in movies). I also know that...

Asked on 10/28/2021 by dicap

1 answer

HLS.js player dropping frames at discontinuities in HLS stream

I have a need to play small pieces (1 or 2 seconds) of video in various orders via HLS. Think a highlights reel from a sporting match. Several HLS players...

Asked on 10/28/2021 by James Mc

1 answer

Valid Slideshow-Video created by ffmpeg is not accepted by Twitter

I create a video from a slideshow using ffmpeg. I have a valid video at the end. VLC plays that video, YouTube also. I want to display the final product...

Asked on 10/28/2021 by Ole Albers

1 answer

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