Combine multiple tables into one table by matching the headers

I have two tables with the same header name. From this table I want to combine the data into one into one table by matching the header names.

The matching header names are "Link", "Review Date", "Review Author", "Review Remarks".

The logic to combine data with these conditions that I catch like this:

Search for column positions with a combination of REGEXMATCH:

=ArrayFormula(IF(REGEXMATCH('Multiple Table'!A2:Z2,"Link|ReviewsDate|ReviewsAuthor|ReviewsRemarks")=TRUE,COLUMN('Multiple Table'!A2:Z2),""))

Change the column into a range with ADDRESS formula :

=ArrayFormula(IF(REGEXMATCH('Multiple Table'!A2:Z2,"Link|ReviewsDate|ReviewsAuthor|ReviewsRemarks")=TRUE,ADDRESS(2,COLUMN('Multiple Table'!A2:Z2)),""))

I want the result from point 2 are A2:D, F2:H

Then to combine the data just enter the range A2:D and F2:D into the QUERY formula.

For the third step, I’m still confused about the formulation.

So I used a formula that wasn’t dynamic yet, like this:

= QUERY ({'Multiple Tables'! A2: D; 'Multiple Tables'! F2: H}, "SELECT Col1, Col2, Col3 WHERE Col1 <> ''")

Spreadsheet File.

Web Applications Asked by Lutfi Creativesys on November 18, 2021

1 Answers

One Answer

={query(A2:E10,"select *");query(F3:J10,"select *",0)}

Answered by Tedinoz on November 18, 2021

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