How to estimate the search volume on Google given a keyword?

I came across many SaaS products or Chrome extensions, which could show estimated search volume given a keyword.

Then I start thinking how they are built and work, but not sure exactly, hope people could give me some help.

Also here is what I could think of how they might work,

  1. They are built based on some user search history data bought from
    network service providers? Or from Google?
  2. Google provide some paid tools (e.g. adWords KeywordPlan), and given
    a huge list of keywords, people could look up each of them on paid
    tools to get search volume?

Webmasters Asked on November 3, 2021

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Keyword Tools (at least the better ones) use data from several sources.

There are sources like clickstream data (which is collected through e.g. browser extensions), platforms selling traffic data, etc. There is Google (e.g. keyword planner), which gives data for free (if you are using Google Ads).

And finally there are some big data processors who are using all of those sources, calculating statistical "correct" data - which then gets through an API into your favourite keyword tool.

At the end.. who knows (besides Google) if this is legit data or not - but this is how it is.

Answered by Alex on November 3, 2021

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