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Image thumbnails blury on mobile search results

I am having an issue with an image appearing extremely blurry on google search results. The original image is not small and is not blurry yet it is hardly recognizable...

Asked on 11/03/2021 by Tamlyn Holmes

1 answer

When does CPanel discard last months logs? Is the last day of the month properly processed?

I've got a website on shared hosting under CPanel 86.0.21. Under Metrics/"Raw access", there's a checkbox to enable discarding previous month's logs. How does that work, exactly? The log processing...

Asked on 11/03/2021 by Seva Alekseyev

1 answer

Google ignoring LocalBusiness sub-categories?

I'm working for a review website, where we (of course) want a reference to our reviews to show up in the Local Business listing in the Google search results. The...

Asked on 11/03/2021 by rogerkk

2 answer

Can I access the old version of Google Search Console to see crawling and indexing?

I remember google webmaster console had a crawl and indexing, But in new version, I couldn't find crawling or indexing. Everything is different. Can I access to old style of...

Asked on 11/03/2021 by PersianGulf

1 answer

Can HTTP 2.0 download simultaneously from two different IPs?

When looking at GTMetrix, all of the content from server A downloads simultaneously. When the content switches to another server, such as Google analytics or Google Tag Manager, it...

Asked on 11/03/2021

1 answer

Apache mod_rewrite in .htaccess

This should be a simple question. Checked Google but it listed nothing helpful. I use WP on one of my sites and it already generates a mod_rewrite section with:<IfModule...

Asked on 11/03/2021 by SimpliFixed

1 answer

Google Verified Reviews for non online services

I'm seeing websites with images of reviews with a Google Verified Review logo. However, these are service companies, not online e-commerce stores. From what I've been able to...

Asked on 11/03/2021 by Trebor

0 answer

Is server side rendering a must have for good SEO for a React website?

Now I use ReactJS for my website and was wondering whether changing to server side rendering(NextJS) would impact my search engine rankings? I've tried some tools that would give your...

Asked on 03/10/2021 by Loko

2 answer

Main domain hosted on Google servers and registered with Google domains, but I want a subdomain ONLY to point to Netlify

Been trying to this for a few days after countless tutorials and I can’t seem to figure it out. The desired outcome is this: is my main react app...

Asked on 03/08/2021 by Robolisk

1 answer

Forwarding a subdomain to a Minecraft Server

I am trying to forward a subdomain to directly connect to a Minecraft server. The domain name is hosted at GoDaddy and the server requires the port at the end....

Asked on 02/26/2021 by GoodPie

2 answer

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