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Putting new blade on 1940's table saw

I recently purchased a 1940's Craftsman table saw off Craigslist, I think it's a model 103.0213 (manual here). I've been stripping the rust off of it,...

Asked on 09/02/2021

1 answer

Legs from 3/4 plywood.. load capacity

I am designing a 5'x6.5' loft bed. 4-5 years down the line, I'd like to be able to remove (or trim) and throw away legs ( and any under-bed furniture)...

Asked on 09/01/2021 by GPS

1 answer

What type of wood can be used for a jigsaw puzzle?

I'm interested in making a planet puzzle for my toddler, and I'm wondering what woods I can use. The plan is to have a relatively large puzzle (3'x1') with large...

Asked on 08/31/2021

1 answer

Screws vs. Pocket Holes vs. Traditional Joinery

I have been looking at many websites for woodworking and while I have been an advocate for "proper" woodworking as my late father who was a bench-joiner professed, I have...

Asked on 08/31/2021

3 answer

What is this part shown in this video?

I'm watching a YouTube video about making an armchair, and at the 01:27 mark they show this metal bits that looks like short hollow nails with tiny...

Asked on 08/31/2021 by starleaf1

1 answer

Additional layer of protection over polymerized linseed oil that maintains feel

I recently finished a pine table with 100% polymerized linseed oil (Tried and True), however would like to retain the natural feel of the wood while protecting it more. Ideally...

Asked on 08/31/2021 by Gschoff

1 answer

How to fix this mortise and tenon joint

I am fixing a bench and came across the above mortise and tenon joint between the foot and the vertical support...

Asked on 08/31/2021

2 answer

Unremovable white powdery residue after wet sanding wood

I'm new to woodworking and know very little, so apologies if this is an extremely basic question or I'm doing something completely wrong. Recently I've tried to sand away a...

Asked on 08/31/2021 by Hadi K says thanks to Monica

1 answer

Recycling wood based on the level of treatment

I will start this question with an apology if it's not a good way to ask for what I am looking for (woodworking recycling). I try to find a way...

Asked on 08/31/2021 by n1kkou

1 answer

How do I remove globules of knot resin from my pine shed

I purchased a Norwegian pine shed some years ago and after painting with a water based paint the knots seeped through in significant sized globules which are sticky and problematic...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by David w

1 answer

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