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How do I remove globules of knot resin from my pine shed

I purchased a Norwegian pine shed some years ago and after painting with a water based paint the knots seeped through in significant sized globules which are sticky and problematic...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by David w

1 answer

Cutting board from previously stained wood

I purchased some lumber from a third party which included a large walnut slab that had previously been stained on one side (I don't know what it was). I wanted...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by crocboy

0 answer

How to tell the correct fit on a mortise and tenon joint?

When making a mortise and tenon joint, it's important for maximum strength of the joint that the tenon fit inside the mortise properly: neither too tight nor too loose. ...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by rpspringuel

0 answer

Cupped fingejointed hardwood Birch panel

I'm in the process of building myself a workbench. Up until now, I've been using the floor as my workbench. I ordered an untreated, but planed fingerjointed hardwoord Beech counter...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by Kenneth

0 answer

Polycrylic getting sticky and peeling/wearing off

I coated a bare wood acacia table for a computer desk with Minwax polycrylic about 4 months ago and made sure it was dried the recommended 24 hours before regular...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by Dobob

1 answer

What are the techniques to seal or remove sap?

For starters this is not green-wood. I have been cutting up some 2x4 into small blocks for painting and decoration. The block were cut and then sanded. About 3 days...

Asked on 08/30/2021

4 answer

How do I drill a hole exactly in the center of a circle?

I have a 2" diameter, 11" length dowel. I want to drill a 5/16" hole exactly in the center of each end, 2" min depth. It needs to be precise...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by Jason C

5 answer

What is the difference between a black oxide bit and a titanium bit?

I have a black oxide bit and a titanium bit but do not understand what the difference, if any, is between them. Is it how long they last or how...

Asked on 08/30/2021

3 answer

Table saw bogging down more than usual

I just installed a fresh 40 tooth blade (I don't remember the new blade brand name) into my table saw. I was cutting some hickory and it was burning so...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by Ljk2000

2 answer

Is cedar dangerous for your health when used in indoor furniture?

I'm concerned about the health risks of using the cedar as indoor furniture. Had no idea about the toxicity of cedar before making a bed with my friend out of...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by redfox05

2 answer

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