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Cutting a spherical depression in wood

I am trying to create a smooth spherical depression in wood that, the depression is 1.75in in diameter and 0.5in deep. I have access to a drill press, fixed router,...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by ptrickono

3 answer

Cut down a veneered table top

I'm new to this, so thanks for your patience. I have a maple-veneer dining table that is about a foot too long for the space I have but it...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by SarahT

1 answer

DIY "white wash" from thinning latex interior paint?

I'm looking to paint a red oak commission piece and the client asked about a "white wash" type finish instead of purely opaque white paint such that the grain shows...

Asked on 08/30/2021

3 answer

Strength of plywood walls for built-in bookshelves

I am planning on building built-in bookshelves that would span the length of a wall. Each unit would consist of a cabinet base ~2' across with a set of...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by Robert Farley

1 answer

What are the less commonly discussed must-haves in your woodshop first-aid kit?

I was talking with a relative who is an EMT. I asked them what thing I should have in my first aid kit that wouldn't be obvious to me (or...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by misterjoff

1 answer

How to keep the thread of a vice clean?

I'm finding that a lot of debris is falling onto the thread of my vice and sticking to the grease that's on there to lubricate it. What techniques are there...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by Guy

3 answer

How to make a joint between two pieces of wood look good?

I’m building a counter top and I had to join two pieces of boards with some glue in between. The countertop looks pretty okay, but the joint is very obvious...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by CuriousPaul

2 answer

Is rebate/rabbet joint with glue only strong enough?

If I use a rebate to joint 2 boards together, is it mandatory to use screws/nails to support it or will the glue alone hold just fine? My main concern...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by Anatoly Vasilyev

2 answer

How to straighten AC plywood for desktop

I'm building a very simple work-from-home desk, with 3/4" AC fir plywood for the top. The plywood has a concave bow on the top side. How do I straighten...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by zwiebelspaetzle

1 answer

Variation in shades of maple wood

I went out and bought some hard maple for my desk. I've already glued the boards together to make the tabletop, but I noticed some variation in color between the...

Asked on 08/30/2021 by atulw

1 answer

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