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I’d like to create a shortcode that would display the post count for a specific category within a custom post type. I’ve been trying to alter the code below but need some help. Could anyone let me know how to tweak so that the shortcode is for a specific custom post type.

// Add Shortcode to show posts count inside a category
function category_post_count( $atts ) {

    $atts = shortcode_atts( array(
        'category' => null
    ), $atts );

    // get the category by slug.
    $term = get_term_by( 'slug', $atts['category'], 'category');

    return ( isset( $term->count ) ) ? $term->count : 0;
add_shortcode( 'category_post_count', 'category_post_count' );

Thanks in advance!

WordPress Development Asked by Northtime on November 11, 2021

2 Answers

2 Answers

If for some reason you're using the shortcode inside the loop, you could try the code below. Failing that, your best bet is to get to grips with WP_Query as suggested in another answer.

Add to functions.php

function category_post_count( $atts ) {

    $atts = shortcode_atts( array(
        'category' => null,
        'type' => null
    ), $atts );

    $term = get_term_by( 'slug', $atts['category'], 'category');
    $tpt = $atts['type'];

    if( get_post_type() == $tpt ) {
        return $term->count;

add_shortcode( 'category_post_count', 'category_post_count' );

Typical usage

[category_post_count category="category_slug" type="post_type"]

Answered by Nikki Mather on November 11, 2021

I think you would be better off using get_posts or a new WP_Query instead of get_term_by. That would allow you to get posts for your custom post type, and then filter by taxonomy/term name.

If you're comfortable enough with WP Query you could try something like this: Query posts by taxonomy term name

Answered by Charlie Stanard on November 11, 2021

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